Off Grid

Off-grid solutions are hugely popular in rural areas, where there is little or no electrical infrastructure. They are also very popular in power-critical businesses, where work downtime costs are crippling. They are also, arguably, the area where technical competence is the most critical.

The principle difference between off-grid PV solutions and regular systems is, the storage of power. In a grid-connected system, the grid remains connected to the end-user and in the event of inclement weather or at night-time hours, the grid continues to feed the end-user with electricity. Where there is no grid connection, that electricity feed comes from a storage system- usually batteries.

These systems are particularly popular for farms, game lodges and second-home owners, who either don’t have power in their areas, are compelled to use solar power by the huge cost of running diesel generators, or by the fact that using solar power is a great coup for any marketing-savvy, eco-destination. Freephase has particular strengths in this industry niche, having successfully commissioned some of the largest off-grid installations in very remote parts of Southern Africa.

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