Commercial / Industrial

Commercial and Industrial use of solar power is taking hold “en masse” throughout the world- one of the biggest attractions being the ability to fix or predict energy usage and the associated costs thereof, over the long term. For energy intensive industries, this can mean the difference between remaining competitive in an increasingly global market, or having to pass on production cost increases to the end-user; cost increases, which, we might add, the industries concerned have little or no control over.

There are also other reasons a company might wish to use solar power- including corporate image and social responsibility. In some cases, complete or partial power autonomy is also a compelling factor; grid-power failure is on the rise in South Africa and a PV system with a storage facility is a very real solution for critical systems in a business.

Solutions for commercial and industrial use are probably the most developed of all PV applications and there are very few instances where a PV system will not work in South Africa. We have solutions for rooftop mounting, car-park arrays and general ground-mounted systems.

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